Praise for Walt's books

from reviewers & readers

"Deftly written fiction."

"A charming romantic action adventure."

"I look forward to reading more from Shiel."

"Leaps off the written page and into the hearts of readers"

"A fascinating read, building a bonfire of the dusty pages of history."

"Guaranteed to hold your interest from first page to last."

"The book becomes impossible to put down."

"A riveting war story, highly recommended."

"A fun and easy read.""

"Very well written page turner."

"I simply could not put this book down."

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Walt's Books

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Military Aviation History

Cover image for Rough War Cover image for T-41 Mescalero Cover image for Cessna Warbirds
(Note: Cessna Warbirds is now out of print)


Cover image for Once A Knight Cover image for Devil in the North Woods Cover image for The Man Who Loved Planes

Short Story Collections

Cover image for Flight Beyoond Forever Cover image for Reflections Cover image for Rather Shorts
Cover image for Pilots and Normal People